Princess Haya bint Al Hussein of Jordan
Princess Haya bint Al Hussein of Jordan

Anonymous said:
I'm not sure if you're make or female but, do you find the CP to be particularly good looking? I mean he's cute but... Also do you like him more with or with a mustache? I prefer the hair cut he had when he was about 15-16 but I think he had to cut it to be more professional.

I’m a female! :) To be very honest with you, I think he is no doubt a good-looking person but I wouldn’t say “particularly” good-looking like you asked. He’s handsome but not in a movie-star attractive kind of way. I think we are making a big deal over his appearance is because he was a bit plain-looking (no offense!) during younger years… and suddenly BOOM! & here’s a good-looking guy!

I don’t mind the mustache. He looks good with or without it. His haircut when he’s 15-16… do you mean the one in this picture taken in 2009? If yes, then I have to say I don’t like it haha. It’s too boyish for my liking but it’s fine that you prefer it since every one’s aesthetic is different. I prefer his current hair much more. It looks more tidy.


CP Hussein in Camp nou, Barcelona


CP Hussein in Camp nou, Barcelona


Queen Rania of Jordan

Anonymous said:
hey! i was just wondering, how long does hussein study at georgetown? like, in what class he is (really sorry for my english but hopefully you understand what im asking for..:)) and could you post pics of him at uni/with friends... i saw a pic of him and his dad at his room at uni when he came to visit him and it impressed me:) thank you!!

Well, in America, uni students usually study for 4 years. I’m not sure what you mean by “class” but his major is Political Science. I can’t post pictures of him at university with friends :( because I don’t have private pictures like these. The picture of him with his dad is a public one released by the royal court… so that’s why I’m willing to reblog/post if there’s picture like this. I love that picture too btw since it’s cozy and you can see a framed picture of Rania with his siblings in his quarter.

PS- Your English is fine. Don’t ever apologise for your English! :)

Anonymous said:
please , don't you know where is prince hussein now ?

He’s still in Amman. He haven’t been out lately probably because he’s celebrating the Eid festival with his family and close friends.

Princess Haya and Queen Rania attended a memorial concert in Petra

Princess Haya and Queen Rania attended a memorial concert in Petra

30/7/2014: King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, made an inspection visit to the southern military zone in Aqaba. His Majesty was briefed on duties and tasks of the zone as well as on its training programs. (Source: Petra)


Queen Rania Coat of Arms Coat of Arms of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan during the reign of King Hussein

The details

The flags - are the Great Arab Revolt flags

The crown - simbolizes the monarchy

The sash - simolizes the Hashemite throne

The colours - scarlet simbolizes sacrifice and white is purity

The eagle - simbolizes power, might and loftiness

The globe - the colour simbolizes the spread of Islam across the world

The three branches of wheat - no meaning

Thye palm branch - no meaning

The bronze shield - simbolizes the defense of truth and right in the world. The spears, swords, bows and arrows are traditional Arab weapons.

The medal - is highest Jordanian medal, the decorative order of al-Nahda.

The golden ribbon - has three phrases, in order, “Who seeks support and guidance from God”, ” King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.”and ” Al-Hussein bin Talal bin Aoun”

infos from King Hussein site and the wikipédia

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