Queen Rania at a “Madrasati” function

1/10/2014: King Abdullah II met with members of the National Union Party’s bloc (Al Itihad Al Watani) in the parliament. He said Jordan’s security and national interests are above any other consideration. His Majesty later attended a swearing-in ceremony of newly-appointed Jordanian ambassadors to Iran, Tunisia, Mexico and Azerbaijan.

The king then departed for Moscow on a working visit during which he will meet with Russian President Putin and other senior Russian officials for talks on the latest regional and international developments. (Source: Petra)

Do you feel like queen rania puts pressure on her kids to be perfect? I feel like that they are all their own individual people, but I just get this weird vibe from rania sometimes and I can't tell what it is

I don’t think so. I think she has certain expectations on her children, but I am pretty sure she doesn’t require them to be “perfect”.

What time do you usually update? I'm in Central Europe and I check your blog a few times a day and there always seem to be new pictures or answers to questions

First off, thank you so much for checking my blog regularly! 😊 I normally post 2 times from my queue a day - one at US east coast time (although I don’t live in the US) 8:00am and another 4:00pm. However I always answer questions (which I get around 2 each day… just an average) whenever I’m free and because there are so many pictures in my draft too, sometimes I publish one or two in between. Also if one royal has an engagement I will try to post the pictures/news once the news is out. I hope this answers your question.

You’re always going to have extremists in every religion. - King Abdullah II

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Please don’t feel stupid lol. There’s nothing stupid about it. I make these “mistakes” from time to to time haha.

hi! the theme and font looked really better now. Tho, I can't use mozilla anymore to explore this blog... Since the navigations buttons are 'missing' if I use mozilla lol. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Yay, I am glad that it looks better for you now 😊 I don’t use Mozilla so I don’t know how it looks… but it doesn’t matter now that you don’t use it anymore. I use Safari or IE and they work just fine. Thank you anon.

(I am the Egyptian anon) thank you for responding me quickly. Seriously on this black and white portrait late King Talal looks really handsome!! He looks serene on it. His son prince Mohammed has the same face shape that his father, don't you agree with me?

You are welcome. Yes, he did look serene! Well they do look alike, especially the upper part of their face :)